Why is it so hard to come out of depression?

We all want to take decisions that give us sigh. Our past mistakes have kept us in pain. We have blamed situations, we have blamed people and even god. Today is the the day to realise that – No, it was our ignorance and actions taken out of desire to gain something for ourself which has led to this suffering.

Think about the pains of your life. Check if you have questioned your thinking and decisions that has led to these consequences. For once we put aside our anger, ego, hate and pity. It is necessary to forgive what has happened and by/to whom it has happened before we can clearly see the illogical deeds we did.

Clear conscience comes from compassion and kindness. They are the roots on which the tree of righteousness grows. Now think about the moment that lead to your sufferings. Let the pictures and voices come in your awareness. No check if you reacted to this stimulus with kindness in your soul at that time. If not, we are responsible for our consequences. If we reacted to with desire to get that thing for self we surely did mistake. We only cared for ourself. What we needed. What we expected and wanted to happen. But when it didn’t, we reacted without kindness. Doesn’t matter what we reacted with, if it wasn’t kindness, the consequences that we suffer today is our problem.

The sadness, anxiety and depression all is suffered and caused by us for being selfish. For desiring only for self even at the cost of other. Isn’t it true? We seek freedom from depression but don’t realise that we have been lusting after the thing that isn’t destined to be ours. And we are blind to see this.

Buddha said “Pain is inevitable, Suffering is Optional” Why do we still expect life to be without pains? The first noble truth of buddhism “There is suffering” is a fact. Life cannot be without suffering unless we follow the path to end the suffering.

The path is simple but harder to practice. Thinking about others problems sets us free from our own. Helping others is helping ourself. Benefiting others is benefiting ourselves. We have to put others first. Why are we so obsessed with ourself? “My” pain. They did this to “Me”. “I” don’t deserve this. Why such obsession? It is pointless as you see it is concentrating all sufferings on you.

To conclude. There’s just so much we can debate, and conflict about these ideas. But the fact remains, it is in the moments of kindness that we can forgive, accept, grow, and move on with life. We have the right to perform our actions but not to the fruits of it. Serve others over oneself and one gets all that he desires for himself in the process. Be bigger than yourself. More than yourself. Empty of yourself. No self.

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