Udemy Courses 90% off limited coupons psychology courses – Valid 24-27 April 2023

Udemy Courses 90% off limited coupons psychology courses – Valid 24-27 April 2023

[Accredited] Acceptance & Commitment Therapy ACT Counselor

[Accredited] CBT for Fear of Abandonment

[Accredited] Existential Psychotherapy for Counseling

[Accredited] Overcoming Complex PTSD – CPTSD

[Accredited] Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner (CBT)

Overcoming Loneliness & Hurt

[Accredited] Introduction to Eating Disorders & Treatment

[Accredited] Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) Practitioner

[Accredited] Managing OCD with Mindfulness & CBT

[Accredited] Overcoming Bipolar Depression with CBT

[Accredited] EMDR Practitioner – Treatment of Complex PTSD

[Accredited] Borderline Personality Disorder: Schema Therapy

[Accredited] Premarital Couples Counseling

[Accredited] Psychology of Relationships

Increase Emotional Intelligence with 15 Activities!

[Accredited] Couples Counseling & Psychotherapy

Career in I-O Psychology & Organizational behavior

[Accredited] CBT for Depression & Mood disorders

Personal Productivity Mastery – Essentialism Practical Guide

[Accredited] Positive Psychology for Life Improvement

[Accredited] Integrating Spirituality & Psychotherapy

Meditations of Kundalini Awakening

Accredited- CBT Counseling for Mindfulness & self-compassion

[Accredited] Counseling for Post Traumatic Growth & PTSD

Happiness & Suffering as per Buddhism

[Accredited] DBT Psychotherapy for Counseling

[Accredited] PTSD & Trauma Combination Psychotherapy

[Accredited] PTSD Treatment Plan in Your Counseling Practice

[Accredited] CBT – Unburden from constant Worry & Anxiety

112 Tantra Meditations – Breath Awareness & Kundalini Awaken

Accredited- Integrate ACT Therapy with other psychotherapies

[Accredited] Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Counselor

[Accredited] Overcome Social Anxiety – Step by Step Plan

Practical Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations

[Accredited] Mental Health- Handle and change negative moods

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