The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy – Book Notes Summary

Compound effect – principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small smart choices. There are no instant results, so get rid of this mentality. You don’t have to become consistent, you already are, you just have to be consistent in right choices. The compound effect is constantly always working.

The ripple effect – one choice affects all areas of your life.

We become complacent when we enjoy success and stop doing the very things that got us that. Don’t do this. Work hard consistently.

Track your wins – Keep account of good things that happened to you and the achievements you earned.

Elephants don’t bite – its the small choices we make that changes the trajectory of life.

Track what you want to improve – manage weight? Track calories. Manage finance? Track penies. Keep a log book in your pocket. It will increase your awareness.

Focal point 1/1000 principle brain tracy

Run half a marathon (when it’s difficult to run a whole marathon)

It is because our need for instant gratification can turn us into the most reactive non thinking animals. Though you won’t be experiencing negative effects immediately, it has activated the compound effect.

Small consistent adjustments can change trajectory of life.

Track bad habits to overcome. Find triggers. Replace, swap or delete the habit with healthier option. Most everything is good in moderation. But run a vice test to see if you are still in charge and the bad habit is not running you. Abstein from it for a month. See what happens. Eliminating a bad habit means removing something from your routine that does not contribute to better future. Instead of thinking you are removing something think what else you will add instead. Be patient with yourself, if you fall, brush yourself off, not beat yourself up!

To form good habits keep the necessary items or infrastructure in close proximity to you.

Goals need to be written down. After deciding goals, try to become the kind of person who has achieved such things.

Celebrate your wins or else you will backslide.

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