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Robin Sharma Podcast Lessons

Leadership is all about how many more people you serve.

Build your awareness by deconstructing your thoughts, feelings and days. With better awareness, you make better choices that lead to better results.
Avoid titans decline – don’t stop doing what made you successful in the first place.
Many people stop doing the very things that made them successful thinking that they need not perform them anymore.
List 3 great things that happened to you today because our mind is wired to focus on the negative things.
Keep a progress journal – where are you winning. This will train your mind to focus on positivity and fuel you with enthusiasm.
Practice drives promotion. You have to practice leadership.
The job of the leader is to grow more leaders.

CIO chief inspirational officer does these 3 i’s Inspire, Influence, and Impact (execution)

Be world-class at your craft, people should be in tears when they see your craft.
Don’t do anything unless it is world class / legendary because the world wants the best.
Focus on the relationships and the income takes care of itself.
Menlo lab/Creative days – go technology free in solitude, at a minimal place with zero distraction.
Stay in your bubble of extreme focus & be hard to be found by others on this day.
Watch your peers. Subconsciously we behave the way people around us behave. Social orbit is emotionally contagious.
Learned Minimalism. The secret to genius is simplicity not complexity. Make it simple & minimal.
Addiction to distraction will be the death of your creative production.
90/90/1 rule – for 90 days spend the first 90 minutes for the single most game changer opportunity.

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