My 10 days Vipassana Meditation retreat experience

I recently completed a 10 days Vipassana meditation course at Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India.

After I came back home from the retreat I observed magnificent improvements in my physiological health and emotional wellbeing.

(I could write an entire book on what I learned, but we don’t have time)

Vipassana is a technique to gain insight into the true nature of existence and end your suffering.

What is the true nature of the existance? – Impermanence

Understanding this intellectually doesn’t bring a mere difference in you.

Experiencing it will change you forever.

How to experience this impermanence?

Shila, Samadhi, Panna.

Shila is purification of mind.

Samadhi is mastery over mind.

Panna is cultivation of wisdom.

(You can read more on internet)

Note: The vipassana center has created an environment such that you automatically practice shila. You don’t speak for 10 days. You eat simple food. Etc, Etc. You learn Samadhi in first 3 days. Then you enter into vipassana. Then on day 11 you wrap up with metta meditation.

What is the essence of the teaching?

Anicca – The law of impermanence.

The law states that – Change is the only constant.

With samadhi you develop a perfectly equanimous mind. Then you stop reacting with love/hate towards the sensations in your body. Both Love/Hate are a form of craving. Not understanding the impermanence of everything you start becoming attached to objects. Then you start craving them. Craving creates karmic bonds which are carried for lifetimes. Nirvana is destruction of these karmic bonds and putting a stop to creating new ones. This happens automatically once you practice vipassana and start being equanimous as you resalise every thought and emotion you have can be experienced on your body in the form of sensations. But to realise this your mind needs to be pure and single pointedly sharp – so shila & samadhi.

What is suffering?

Birth – Death – Rebirth is suffering.

Enlightenment is realising this by experience and not intellect.

There are 4 Noble truths to be realised.

1. There is suffering

2. There is a cause of suffering

3. There is a method to end suffering

4. Here is now to end suffering

The BIG Twist

Complete buddhist teachings are based on 1 method shared by Shiva.

There are total of 112 methods to realisation of ultimate truth and liveration given by Shiva.

It is called Vigyana Bhairava Tantra.

All spiritual teachings root from this.

There is nothing beyond Vigyana Bhairava Tantra. It is the ultimate. The complete.

I’ll share Vigyana Bhairava Tantra in future posts.

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