Depression – Expectation management with worksheet

When depressed we tend to go into survival mode. This means we save as much energy as possible to survive. Therefore you might have noticed depressed people require a lot of energy to do basic chores. When we are depressed we tend to procrastinate not because we are lazy, but because we don't have the... Continue Reading →

A plan to cope with anxiety

In this article you will learn about the alarm response to threats, identify your type of anxiety, and begin to plan your treatment. Chronic anxiety is like having an alarm sound in your mind and body that won’t turn off. It just keeps ringing and warning you of danger. Everyone has a hardwired alarm system... Continue Reading →

Confused and Overwhelmed with yout thinking? Use these Socratic Questions to gain clarity

This is using a set routine for questioning maladaptive thoughts. It's named after the Greek Philosopher, Socrates. He argued that through systematic questioning we can understand and deconstruct ideas. In turn, this will either verify those ideas or dismiss them. With Socratic questioning, it is necessary to first identify the Cognitive Distortions. With logical questioning,... Continue Reading →

Here is how to use Exposure Therapy Methods

A treatment path which directly exposes the suffer to the stimuli. This would be carried out under the supervision of a trained therapist and is about confronting the fear. An example could be a client who has an inhibiting fear of flying. One aspect of the treatment could involve them visiting an airport and actually boarding a plane. They will not do this alone as they will be accompanied by a trained therapist. Throughout the event the client is encouraged to practice calming techniques, such as controlled breathing.

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