Black Friday Sale – Psychotherapy Courses

Integrating different therapies in your practice can have wonderful effects. Many Counselors have significantly improved their counselling skills by learning other therapy schools. And of course, this applies to many issues that your clients face. In this attempt, I created many practical courses with ready-made worksheets that you can use with your clients in your sessions. Learn more about the courses you are interested in by clicking their respective links. You can read more about the courses on its description page before making your decision. 

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Managing OCD with Mindfulness & CBT – Introductory Course

Bipolar Depression – Mindfulness Approach to Manage Bipolar

Scientific methods for emotional recovery

EMDR Practitioner Toolbox – Treatment of Complex PTSD

How to treat Borderline Personality Disorder: Schema Therapy

Premarital Couples Counseling – Relationship Psychotherapy

Psychology of Relationships

Increase Emotional Intelligence with 15 Activities!

Couples Counseling – Learn effective Couples Psychotherapy

Career in I-O Psychology & Organizational behavior

How to overcome depression for good!

Foundations of Positive Psychology – Complete Guide

Integrating Spirituality & Psychotherapy for Counseling

Meditations of Kundalini Awakening

CBT Counseling with Mindfulness for self-compassion

Beyond Trauma: Counseling for Post Traumatic Growth

Philosophy of Buddhism – Practical guide to end suffering

DBT Psychotherapy foundational skills for Counseling

How to manage stress – Evidence based exercises

PTSD & Trauma Counseling with Combination of Psychotherapy

Use this PTSD Treatment Plan in Your Counseling Practice

How to overcome excessive worry – CBT guide

112 Tantra Meditations – Breath Awareness & Kundalini Awaken

Integrate ACT Therapy with other counseling psychotherapies

Become a DBT COUNSELOR and conduct RESULT oriented therapy

Psychotherapy for Social Anxiety

Practical Stoicism for Everyday life & Personal Growth

Mental health Toolbox for everyday problems

Laws of Persuasion & Influence and How to use them

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