Socrates’ 3 filter test

Greek Philosopher Socrates’ 3 filter test

A man said, hey socrates! I have something to tell you about your friend…
Socrates interrupted. Okay, okay but before you tell me anything answer these 3 questions..

1. Is it the truth?
He said “No, I am not sure.”

2. Is it positive?
He said “Actually it’s the opposite”

3. Is it useful?
He said “I doubt that”

Socrates continued..
Well my friend I am sorry I cannot listen to you on this. If you have anything that matches my filter test then I’d more than happy to listen to you.

Do you question gossip? Or just accept it the way it comes to you?

Are your conversations uplifting the positivity in you?

Is the conversation you are having helpful to you?


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